About Felipe

I started playing guitar when I was 14, was self taught until my 20’s when I started my guitar course at the GIT (Guitar Institute and Technology)  in Sao Paulo  I've acquired a certificate in The Structural Language Of Music, and Set Up and FX (the second being only about fx pedals, guitar hardware and gear) after that I've attended to JAzz School at the Uni Fiaam Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I worked in Dubai as a session guitarist for 2 years.

In Auckland I’ve taught children at several primary schools, several adults and teens in my private teaching, I teach in a nice and professional studio which provides the students with the right atmosphere for learning. 

I’m highly experienced in the music industry, teaching as well as performing on stage internationally, touring, releasing albums and recording. I believe that professional experiences, consolidating values and abilities such as teamwork, interpersonal relationships, customer service and attention to detail, can be applied on to students, for a more effective style of teaching molded to the student’s needs.